13:56 15.06.2009.

The unique geographical location of Bulgaria translates the country into a character echo of all dynamic changes in different aspects of human`s physical and spiritual existence at European and national level. In this respect the drug market in Bulgaria is not an exception. The picture of drug use is getting more varied which involves more efforts on monitoring and more flexibility in our responses to the advancing changes in all aspects of the drug situation including the emerging new psychoactive substances. 

By means of Early Warning System the following new synthetic psychoactive substances have been registered in our country–  chorophenylpiperazine (CPP) and 5-metoxy-dimethyl-tryptamine (5-MeO-DMT).

In reference to CPP and its toxicity little is known about its long-term and short-term effects.  Usually, it is sold as ecstasy tablets with different logo, street names, colour and shape: X4’ (Netherlands, Sweden), ‘duhovka’ (Hungary, Czeck Republic), ‘аrlequin’ (France), ‘rainbow’ (Slovenia), Rolls Royce’, ‘smarties’ (Switzerland).

5-metoxy-dimethyl-tryptamine is a synthetic tryptamine with short lasting effect, structurally related to the 1971 OON Convention controlled dimethyltryptamine (DMT). The substance is a psychedelic drug found naturally in many plants and excreted by some toads. 5-MeO-DMT is submitted under control measures in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Great Britain.


“Synthetic cocaine” or “synthetics” is the street name of the other chemical substance named “piko”, an amphetamine which “erases” memory and the users cannot remember what they had been doing for 5-6 hours after ingestion.

A breath of exotic has been noticed in cannabis patterns of use. School students in Bulgaria seem to rediscover world well-known cookery practice  with psychoactive plants. Part of their menu is milk boiled with cannabis sweeten with sugar or honey and cannabis sandwiches

In certain towns in Bulgaria a use of “Bong” has been noticed in its two types, Dry Bong and Wet Bong, prepared with water or vodka.

Preferably with vodka!